Product Information

Solar Powered Shed/Garden Light
Product Features and Benefits

A durable solar powered rechargeable shed light comes with 5 bright LED bulbs and is easy to install.

The solar light can last up to 6 hours at a time depending on the time of year when fully charged.

The batteries used are fully rechargeable and will last on average 12 months before needing to be changed.

Solar Lights are Energy Efficient and a safe option for outdoor use, the outer panel is waterproof but the light housing is not as this should be situated within the shed or garage.

White LED Batteries are required and supplied with the product Solar Lights are an ideal choice in areas where conventional electricity is not available.

Provides a practical solution to achieve low cost lighting for sheds or garages where mains wiring becomes impractical due to the distance from the main house

The Solar Powered shed light will help you save energy and reduce carbon emissions by utilizing the power harnessed form the sun. Cost savings are made by removing the need for wiring connections into the household electricity supply and because the energy to power the light is free.

  • Measurements are H 7cm x W 19cm x D 5.5cm/Weight 1Kg
  • This item is CE approved. Full instructions are enclosed.
  • Battery Type – Rechargeable AA batteries. Simple but effective design.
Advertised Price £16.49 including VAT & delivery

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