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AV Automatic Power Shutdown
Product Features and Benefits

The AV Automatic Power Shutdown is designed to help you reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save around £35 per year on your energy bills*, simply by not leaving appliances in standby mode.

The AV Automatic Power Shutdown is 13amp rated. It includes four ‘power down’ sockets, and one ‘permanently on’ socket for those appliances which require continuous power.

The electricity supply to appliances connected via the ‘power down’ sockets will be automatically cut off when a programmable threshold is reached – reducing energy consumption where the appliance would otherwise have been left in standby mode.

Suitable for audio visual systems such as televisions, DVD players, video recorders and games consoles.

Advertised Price £19.99 including VAT & delivery

* (October 2011)

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