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EnviR Energy Monitor
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Best Buy The Current Cost EnviR is an award-winning energy monitor with lots of functionality and a comprehensive display screen.

Be energy aware in the home, and have the information to hand in real-time to make a positive difference to your carbon footprint and utility bills.

Simple to set up and easy to use, the EnviR shows you how much energy you’re using right now and it also allows you to program your tariffs to show how much it’s going to cost you every day and every month.

By checking the display regularly you can see if your usage is high, it could mean there’s something you can switch off like a light bulb or an appliance, so when you change your behaviour you could save money.

The Current Cost web portal allows you to post live energy data online using an internet connection device, so that you can track, analyse and compare household consumption. You can even check your household energy usage while you are away from home!


The display screen provides:
  • Time and temperature displayed continually
  • Energy being used right now
  • Energy cost per day and per month
  • Decrease or increase in energy usage and cost as appliances are turned on and off
  • Graph showing energy usage between 7am-3pm the previous day, 3pm to 11pm the previous evening and 11pm to 7am the previous night.
  • Accumulative energy in kWh and scrolls every ten seconds between the last day, the last seven days and the last 30 days

It is important that you observe some simple precautions before using this product.

The EnviR energy monitor does not require you to carry out any electrical wiring. However, the transmitter is to be installed at the meter near your electricity supply to your property. If you are in any doubt as to how to install it safely, please consult a qualified electrician.

Display supplied in White.

Advertised Price £44.99 including VAT & delivery

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